Rotary Capping Machine, the AK0120 and the AK0240 are automatic rotary capping machinery for screw, press and ROPP cap sealing. It has an output of around 120 bottles per minute with a maximum of 240 BPM under optimum conditions with smooth and accurate container handling, it has a 7.touchscreeneen capable of storing of up to 200 recipes programmable for different capping applications and for a range of capping chucks to suit all closure types.

AK 0120/240 Rotary Capping Machine

  • Available for screw, press and ROPP caps
  • Maximum output speed of 240 caps per minute
  • 7.5″ TFT colour touch screen capable of storing up to 200 recipes
  • Programmable for different capping applications
  • Complete range of capping chucks to suit all closure types
  • Fast and accurate servo driven capping turret
  • Tool less quick release machine elements
  • Accurate and repeatable torque control
  • Multiple adjustment without the need to stop the machine
  • Smooth and accurate container handling
  • Fast product changeovers
  • Integrated fault / alarms

Capping machinery for all types of capping machine applications:

  • Screw capping machinery
  • Capping equipment for ROPP caps
  • Indexing capping machinery
  • Rotary Capping machinery
  • Press capping Machinery
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AK-0120 Capping Machine


for our capping machines

If you are unsure of the capping machine, but know the output that you would like to achieve, this chart gives estimated outputs to help you get an idea of the capping machine that fits your requirements. The output of the capping machines will vary depending on the type of cap Screw, ROPP, Press, or Trigger and the cap size.

Please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice.

20 BPM Semi Auto’s AK 0001
30-40 BPM AK 0040
50-60 BPM AK 0060
 60-240 BPM AK 0120 – AK 0240