The AK0002 is a Bench / Tabletop screw semi automatic capping machine for screw capping. Available in Firstly  Pneumatic and secondly Electric versions. With adjustable torque control. Also has a reverse / forward switch. It has a range of chucks and inserts to suit a variety of capsizes. Consequently reducing labour fatigue and repetitive strain injury.

AK 0002 Semi Automatic Capping Machine for screw capping.

  • First of all the machine is suited for the Bench or Tabletop.
  • Available either pneumatic or electric versions.
  • A range of chuck and inserts to suit a variety of capsizes.
  • Reducing labour fatigue consequently repetitive strain injury.
  • Excellent combination of value, power and ergonomic features.
  • Push the button to start for easy operation.
  • Precision automatic stop.
  • Low noise while having low vibration but giving high accuracy.
  • Reverse / Forward Switch.
  • Torque adjustable by a tool-less external knob.AK0002 Semi Automatic Capping Sealing Machine

Semi-Automatic Capping Machine & Capping machinery. For all types of capping machine applications.

  • Firstly screw capping machines.
  • Also capping equipment for ROPP caps.
  • As well as Indexing capping machines.
  • Finally Rotary capping machines.
  • In addition, press capping Machines.
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If you are unsure of the capping machine. But know the output that you would like to achieve. This chart gives estimated outputs to help you get an idea of the capping machine that fits your requirements. The output of the capping machines will vary depending on the type of cap. Screw, ROPP, Press, or Trigger and the cap size.

Please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice.

20 BPMSemi Auto’sAK 0001
30-40 BPMAK 0040
50-60 BPMAK 0060
 60-240 BPMAK 0120 – AK 0240