Automatic Cap Tightening Machine.

The cap or the pump are manually placed by an operator with a pre-starting of the cap. Then automatically screwed on to a pre-defined torque by the cap tightening machine.

Cap Tightening Range of Samples

CDE 0002 Automatic Cap Tightening machine.

The Cap Tightener, a highly efficient automatic capping machine. Offers the perfect solution for various cap types, particularly spray and pump caps. Its versatility enables easy handling of different cap formats. Including a height adjustment feature for optimal performance.

This automatic cap tightening machine, seamlessly integrates into complete filling lines. Enhancing efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, it can serve as a standalone cap tightening device independent of a full packaging line. Allowing complete flexibility in its application.

Equipped with a 1 metre conveyor. The VS500 can achieve speeds of up to 25 products per minute, depending on specific format requirements. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of production demands.

The CDE 0002 is compatible with KBW automatic filling machines, such as the AF0020 Auto, a linear filling machine..

Also compatible with all of KBW’s automatic labelling machines.

Capping machinery for all types of capping machine applications:

  • Screw capping machinery
  • Capping equipment for ROPP caps
  • Indexing capping machinery
  • Cap Tightening machines
  • Press capping Machinery


Cap Tightening Machine
Trigger Spray Capping
Trigger Spray Cap Tightener
KBW Cap Tiightening Machine


for our capping machines

If you are unsure of the capping machine, but know the output that you would like to achieve, this chart gives estimated outputs to help you get an idea of the capping machine that fits your requirements. The output of the capping machines will vary depending on the type of cap Screw, ROPP, Press, or Trigger and the cap size.

Please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice.

20 BPM Semi Auto’s AK 0001
30-40 BPM Automatic Capper AK 0040
40-50 BPM Automatic Capper AK 0060
 20-25 BPM Automatic Cap Tightener CDE0002