Multibox Labeller Machine

The Multibox labelling machine is a versatile and easy-to-use machine that can be used for a variety of different applications. It is perfect for labeling small boxes, envelopes, bags, and more. With its simple design, the Mutlibox labelling Machine it ideal for both small and large business use.


The accurate stepper motors and self-centring guide rails ensure precise and consistent labelling results, while the dual belt assembly ensures that the labels are applied smoothly and evenly.

The system comes with opaque label detection as standard, meaning that it can be used to apply labels to both light and dark surfaces. The machine is also equipped with a label counter and pre-set batch controls that allow for easy and accurate labelling of large quantities of items.


For businesses that need to apply labels to a variety of different items, the Multibox labeller machine is the perfect solution. With its versatile design and easy-to-use controls, it is sure to make light work of any labelling task.

Fully automatic multibox labeller

The fully automatic Mutlibox labelling Machine comes with a range of features that make it the ideal machine for users looking for a reliable and easy-to-use labeller. These features include:


  • An opaque label detection system that can be used on both light and dark surfaces
  • A label counter that makes it easy to keep track of how many labels have been applied
  • Pre-set batch controls that allow you to label multiple items at once
  • An easy-to-use control panel with a keyboard and a digital display that makes it simple to operate the machine
  • Hygienic design using FDA-approved materials
  • An accurate stepper motor that ensures labeling is precise and consistent
  • Easily adjustable label and product holders that can accommodate a range of different sizes
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Mutlibox labeller


for our labelling machines

Firstly output speeds for labelling machines depends on the shape and material of the label. Secondly are you looking to do wrap round labelling / front labelling / front and back labelling, Consequently perhaps you require a mixture of all three? In some cases top or bottom labelling may be required along with coding of some description. Therefore in conclusion if you are unsure of the labeller required this chart gives an illustration of various labelling machines and their applications.

Please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice on the best labelling machinery for you. Consequently we will advise the output that can be achieved.

Wrap Round – Labelling Machine CDE 0001 Basic 100
Wrap Round – Labelling Machine Basic 200
Wrap Round – Labelling Machine Basic 300
Wrap Round – Labelling – High Speed Rotoring
Large Wrap Round – Labelling Machine – Buckets Basic Bucket
Wrap Round, Oval and Front and Back – Labelling Sequence
Wrap Round Vials and Ampoules – Labelling Machine Mini Labellers Cadence
Box and Food Labelling Machine Products Mini Labellers Multibox
Sleeving Machine Cat Sleeve 500