Capping Machines:

KBW Packaging is a trusted UK manufacturer renowned for producing high-quality and dependable bottle capping machines and related equipment. We continuously upgrade our machinery with the latest technology to ensure optimal performance. Our expertise lies in screw capping machinery, press capping machinery, semi-automatic capping machines, and more.

Reliable Solutions from a Leading UK Manufacturer

At KBW Packaging Ltd, we design and manufacture a diverse range of capping machinery specifically engineered for cap placement. Our machines are suitable for various cap types, including screw caps, ROPP caps, press-on caps, and trigger caps. We offer solutions for different applications, ranging from simple bench and tabletop machinery for cap tightening to fully automatic systems for plugging and cap placement operations.

Here’s why you should choose us: All our capping machines are meticulously designed and built in our UK factory located in Aldershot, Hampshire. We take pride in manufacturing top-quality machinery that not only performs flawlessly but also boasts a distinctive aesthetic. Our customers can configure their machines with various options, including screwcap tightening with desired torque, press-on caps, plug insertion, tamper-evident features, pump action spray caps, and trigger spray caps.

Now, let’s talk about how we can meet your diverse packaging needs: In addition to our capping machinery, we provide a comprehensive range of packaging equipment. This includes Unscrambling Tables, Tablet Counting Machines, Liquid Filling Machines, and other capping machines. These offerings form part of our complete line supply, ensuring that our customers have access to a wide range of packaging solutions. We also serve as a distributor of ‘BECA’ ROPP heads and spare parts, as well as complementary machines from other trusted suppliers.

Choose KBW Packaging for reliable capping solutions and comprehensive packaging equipment that meets your specific needs.

AK 0001 Press Capping Machine

AK 0002 Semi - Auto Capping Machine

The AK 0002 Semi-automatic capping machine

AK 0040 In Line Capping Machine

AK0040 Capping Machine

AK 0060 Indexing Capping Machine

AK0060 Capping Machine

CDE 0002 Cap Tightening Machine

SWAN 49 VS Screw Capping Machine

CM RE 500 ROPP Capping Machine

CM-RE-500 Bottle Cap Closing Machine

Beca Cap Closures Capping Heads

Capping Machinery FAQs

Can KBW Capping Machinery handle a range of Cap Closures?

KBW manufacture quality machinery with a distinctive look. That gives our customers machines that are configurable. With options for Screw Capping, Press capping, and ROPP Capping. Plug Insertion and Sprays are available with certain models.

What Features does a KBW Capping Machine have?

Automatic Screw Capping models have accurate Servo Torque Control. HMI Colour Touchscreen interface for programmable recipe management, and smooth container handling.

Additionally, an illuminated colour status beacon provides visual indication of machine operating status.

For Screw Capping, how do you achieve the torque?

We adopt different technologies dependent on model type; electro/magnetic, and of course highly accurate servo controlled.

Is a KBW Capping Machine Value for Money?

The KBW range from hand-held to fully automatic is high quality, highly reliable, and highly accurate and repeatable.

As such, we will be pleased to discuss your requirement and assist you in selecting the right value for money purchase.

Why should I buy a Capping Machine from KBW?

KBW prides itself on being a supplier of choice and enjoys a market leading and trusted reputation.

Capping Machines for cap placement machinery applications:

In conclusion for quoting for we ask you for photographs of the cap and container range. As a result of also giving us the required output,

you wish to achieve we will be happy to quote you.


Question. What types of caps can go on a Bottle?

Trigger Spray Capping Machine

Trigger spray Capper

Trigger Spray Capper

Use our Contact Page to Enquire about our Trigger spray or pump action Capping machine,for Cap Tightening.