Press capping machine. The AK0001 is a conveyor mounted press capper machine with a maximum output of 30 meters a minute. It operates interestingly by gently pressing the cap down without shock force, furthermore replacing hand pressing of the containers. Consequently eliminating wrist strain injury and is simple and fast to adjust for differing container sizes. It has variable speed control and most noteworthy is easily synchronised with existing conveyors resulting in positive control and guidance.

Press Capping Machine. The AK 0001 is a Conveyor Mounted Press Capper

  • First of all the output has a maximum of 30 meters per minute.
  • Replaces hand pressing of closures as a result eliminating wrist strain and injury.
  • Hence simple and fast to adjust for differing container sizes.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Easily synchronised with existing conveyors.
  • positive control and guidance.
  • gently pressing the cap without shock force.
    AK 0001 Press Capping Machine

    AK 0001 Press Capping Machine

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If you are unsure of the capping machine, but know the output that you would like to achieve. This chart gives estimated outputs as a result it helps you get an idea of the capping machine that fits your requirements. The output of the capping machines will vary depending on the type of cap. Screw, ROPP, Press, or Trigger and the cap size.

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20 BPM Semi Auto’s AK 0001
30-40 BPM AK 0040
50-60 BPM AK 0060
 60-240 BPM AK 0120 – AK 0240