Pharmacy Piil Counter Machine.

The AC 500 Pill counter machine or pharmacy pill counter machine is used in a pharmacy for the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. It is a small and portable Pharmacy pill counter for counting tablets, capsules and. With a maximum output of 1000 tablets per minute.

Pill Counter Pharmacy.  applications:

The Pill Counter machine finds primary application in hospital pharmacies, small pharmacy shops, veterinary pharmacies, and small-scale production runs. It also serves other purposes, such as inventory checking, so please don’t hesitate to inquire about it.

Operating the Pharmacy Capsule Counter

To tally the product, carefully pour it from a container onto the table of the pharmacy pill counter. The machine actively rotates the product, aligning it into a single line, and then individually passes each item through an infra-red beam that precisely counts them into a stainless steel container.

On the LCD screen, you have the flexibility to adjust the count amount. Once you attain the desired count, the machine will halt its operation. You can opt to count the same quantity once more or let the machine automatically tabulate the remaining items.

The Pharmacy Pill Counter machine proudly achieves a maximum output of 1000 tablets per minute. It actively counts pills, hard-colored gelatin capsules, and tablets. Count adjustments are meticulously controlled digitally for superior accuracy. Dispensing is precise, and repeatability is outstanding. The operation is uncomplicated, and product transitions are rapid. Furthermore, product contact parts are easily detachable without requiring tools.

The AC 500 Pharmacy Tablet Counting Machine for Pills, Tablets, and Capsules is both lightweight and portable, offering user-friendliness.

Its power source resembles that of a laptop, ensuring compatibility with 230v or 110v and 50 or 60hz power supplies.

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AC500 Pharmacy Tablet Counting Machine

AC500 Pharmacy Tablet Counting Machine


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Tablet Counter Pharmacy

If you are unsure of the pharmacy tablet counter you need, but know the output that you would like to achieve. This .chart gives estimated outputs for each counting machine to help you get an idea of the tablet counting machine that fits your requirements. The output of each counter will vary depending on the tablet size, number of counts per container and the type of container.

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Please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice on the best tablet counting machine for you.

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Pharmacy Pill Counter Machine