What can a  KBW Tablet Counting Machine count?

Firstly KBW offers a range of Tablet Counting machines that will accurately count different products.

Secondly the machines are suitable for coated or uncoated tablets and pills, dragees, capsules or hard and soft gelatine capsules. Including vitamins beads o rings and sweets.

Thirdly the range of machines available are from small bench and table top semi-automatic machines, through to fully Automatic Tablet Counters. Hence, these machines are suitable, and incorporated, within tablet counting/filling packaging lines.


Are KBW Tablet Counters Value for money?

The KBW Tablet Counting range is high quality, highly reliable and highly accurate and repeatable.

Also KBW prides itself on being a supplier of choice, and enjoys a market leading and trusted reputation.

Furthermore as such we will be pleased to discuss your requirement and assist you in selecting the right value for money purchase.


Are the KBW Tablet Counting machines accurate?

The KBW machines are highly accurate and repeatable on all product types.


How does a KBW Tablet Counter Work

Typically, the hopper is filled with the product to be counted, where it is vibrated and orientated to feed into a single line, via different mechanisms on different machine types, before individually dropping, through an infra-red beam. This detection accurately counts the product and feeds it into a waiting container or containers.

The count value to be counted and the quantity of containers in the batch to be produced, can be set via digital display.


Why Should I buy a Tablet Counting Machine from KBW?

KBW prides itself on being a supplier of choice. hence enjoys a market leading and consequently trusted reputation.


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