The AC 500 pharmacy tablet counting machine for the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. It is a small and portable counting machine for tablets, capsules etc. with a maximum output of 1000 tablets per minute. It is primarily used in hospital pharmacies Small pharmacy shops and veterinary pharmacies. Also small scale production runs. It has been used for other applications so please ask. The product to be counted is dispenced onto the counters table.Where it rotates round spltting the product into a single line before dropping individually through an infra-red beam which accurately counts them into a container. You can set the amount to be counted on a LCD Screen.

  • Maximum output of 1000 tablets per minute
  • Counts coated and un-coated tablets, hard and soft gelatin, capsules and dragees
  • Digitally controlled count adjustment
  • Accurate dispensing with excellent repeat ability
  • Simple operation with fast product change over
  • Tool free removable product contact parts
  • Suitable for pill counting and capsule counting

Pharmacy tablet counting machine applications:

  • The AC 500 Pharmacy tablet counting machine is for counting Pills.
  • Consequently its also counts capsules.
  • Another use for the counter is counting caplets.
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Pharmacy Tablet Counting Machine

AC500 Pharmacy Tablet Counting Machine


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If you are unsure of the tablet counter you need, but know the output that you would like to achieve. This chart gives estimated outputs for each counting machine to help you get an idea of the tablet counting machine that fits your requirements. The output of each counter will vary depending on the tablet size, number of counts per container and the type of container.

Please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice on the best tablet counter for you.

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