The GER 50 is a small yet fully featured portable semi automatic labelling machine, configured in the bench labelling machine design.

Customers can enjoy the GER 50 in two model types – a wrap-around labeller for cylinder containers that prints horizontally, or a model that features a vertical top labeller instead.

Each model of the GER 50 portable labelling machine features conveyor belt functionality, capable of up to 20m per minute. Optical label detection technology further enhances the machine, capable of handling reels up to 250 mm in diameter, and up to 115mm in width.

Designed for SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs

Enjoying a small machine footprint that maximises the space available to you on the shop floor, the GER 50 features a stepper motor drive to fully enhance the precision it can deliver.

Users of the GER 50 are easily able to distinguish and define their desired label length and position using this machine. Designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the GER 50 suits both experienced manufacturers and those going into business for the first time.

Constructed from fully FDA compliant materials, and featuring pre-batch control systems with label counter capabilities, the GER 50 is able to dispense up to 8 metres of material per minute.

The versatility promised by the GER 50 makes it a portable labelling machine that can be put into action for a number of applications.

Those include food packaging labelling and security labelling, but also applications such as sleeving, bottom labelling, wrap around labelling, front labelling, back labelling or any combination thereof.

While demonstrating impressive benchmarking capabilities for a labelling machine of its size, be advised that the GER 50 is a wrap-around portable labelling machine whose output will vary depending on the nature and intended utilisation of the material it is labelling.

As such, remember that the KBW Packaging team is always on hand with further advice and guidance, no matter your level of experience in labelling and manufacturing. The GER 50 is a capable machine that is certain to push your labelling capabilities forward.

Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine

Ger 50 Wrap Round Semi-Automatic Labelling Machine

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for our labelling machines

Firstly output speeds for labelling machines depends on the shape and material of the label. Secondly are you looking to do wrap round labelling / front labelling / front and back labelling, Consequently perhaps you require a mixture of all three? In some cases top or bottom labelling may be required along with coding of some description. Therefore in conclusion if you are unsure of the labeller required this chart gives an illustration of various labelling machines and their applications.

Please contact a member of our KBW team for project specific advice on the best labelling machinery for you. Consequently we will advise the output that can be achieved.

Wrap Round – Labelling Machine GER 50 Basic 100
Wrap Round – Labelling Machine Basic 200
Wrap Round – Labelling Machine Basic 300
Wrap Round – Labelling – High Speed Rotoring
Large Wrap Round – Labelling Machine – Buckets Basic Bucket
Wrap Round, Oval and Front and Back – Labelling Sequence
Wrap Round Vials and Ampoules – Labelling Machine Mini Labellers Cadence
Box and Food Labelling Machine Products Mini Labellers Multibox