Tablet Counting

Are you curious about how tablet counting machines work? As a leading packaging machine manufacturer in the UK, we are here to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the process. Tablet counting machines are a crucial part of the packaging process, and understanding how they work can help you optimize your production line. 

We’ll explore the process, the types of tablet counting machines, the different components involved, and the benefits of using them. Let’s dive in!

The Working Principle of a Tablet Counting Machine

Tablet counting machines use vibration and gravity to achieve precise counting. The machine consists of a hopper or reservoir at the top and a vibrating disk and sensors with pockets or cells at the bottom. The hopper contains tablets, which then fall into the cells on the vibrating bowl. 

The basic working principle of a tablet counting machine is that it uses a vibratory disk to separate and count tablets, capsules, and other small objects. The disk is driven by an electric motor and has a vibratory motion that causes the objects to separate and form single files. Then, as the objects pass through the bowl, a set of infra-red beam sensors count them, and the number is displayed on a screen. Once the correct number of tablets is reached, they are released into a container. 

Here is the step-by-step process:

  1. You set the tablet count
  2. Tablets are loaded into a hopper at the top of the machine
  3. The tablets fall through a chute and into a vibrating disk
  4. The tablets are then funneled through a series of sensors, used to determine the size, shape, and count of the tablets
  5. As the tablets pass through the sensors, they are counted and dispensed into the appropriate packaging container.

In general, all tablet counting machines work along the same principles, though there may be variations depending on the type and model.

Types of Tablet Counting Machines

Tablet counting machines are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the needs of different pharmaceutical applications. They are either semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Semi-automatic tablet counting machines are mostly portable and can be used on benches or table tops, making them ideal for small-batch production. For example, the AC 500 and AC 1000 tablet counters, both semi-automatic, have a maximum output of 1000 tablets per minute, making them ideal for pharmacies.

On the other hand, most fully automatic tablet counters are made for industrial use since they have an output of between 4000 and 6000 tablets per minute. For example, the AC 4000 Tablet Counter has a maximum output of 4000 tablets per minute and is, therefore, suitable for large-scale production. Additionally, automatic tablet counters have more functionality features than their semi-automatic counterparts.

Benefits of Using Tablet Counting Machines

When using a tablet counting machine, accuracy is guaranteed. Our machines come with preset specifications and precision settings, so you can rest assured that your tablets will be correctly counted and placed into packaging. 

Additionally, these machines are incredibly quick and efficient – mostly automated machines. This saves you time and labour costs, meaning you can get your products out the door faster than ever before.

Another great benefit of tablet counting machines is their ability to produce consistent product quality. With a tablet counting machine, these mistakes of the manual count are virtually eliminated. 

In short, tablet counting machines provide accuracy, speed, consistency, and cost savings – making them an ideal choice for businesses looking to increase efficiency and streamline their processes.

Get Reliable Tablet Counting Machines in the UK

When selecting a tablet counter, consider factors such as accuracy, speed, noise level, weight handling capacity, power consumption, safety features, ease of operation, and maintenance requirements. These factors will help you select the best tablet counter machine for your needs.

As an industry leader in packaging machinery, we want you to see the value and enjoy your purchase. So to avoid starting your search on the wrong footing, visit KBW Packaging LTD to choose from among the best tablet counting machines in the UK. Contact us now for purchases or consultations.