KBW Packaging has announced their plan to further expand outside the UK and into other European markets and the United States.

KBW Packaging has launched multiple websites that are language specific, geared to expand their services and to better serve the needs of their growing global customer base. KBW Packaging is focused on growth and delivering the best customer service experience.

By launching multiple-region and language specific websites, KBW Packaging’s goal is to meet the need of its growing worldwide customer base and expands its online presence throughout Europe and the United States.

KBW Packaging recognizes the differences that exist in the global economy. As the leader of manufacturing packaging machinery for a variety of industries worldwide, they will be better suited to serve the needs of their global customers by expanding its online presence with these new language and region specific websites:

For the French market visit www.kbw-packaging.fr

For the Spanish market visit kbw-packaging.es

For the Italian market visit kbw-packaging.it

For the German market visit www.kbw-packaging.de

For the U.S market visit kbwpackaging.com

KBW Packaging has established itself as the world leading manufacturer of high-quality packaging machinery. Since its inception in 2002, KBW Packaging has expanded its services and made thousands of installations worldwide. KBW Packaging serves large to small companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toiletries and healthcare industries and serves the following markets: hospitals, pharmacies, druggist, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health stores, veterinary, confectioners, cosmetic, beverage, food, and contract packers.

KBW Packaging manufactures a variety of packaging equipment from semi or fully automatic machines, liquid filling machine, tablet counting machine, capping machine, labelling machines and more.

To learn more visit their UK website for more information on services and machinery they provide worldwide by visiting https://kbw-packaging.com or visit one of their region-specific websites above.