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Whether your small business has been around for some years and it is simply seeking the equipment that would enable it to realise its ambitions for productivity, revenues and growth, or you are a start-up requiring all of the specialised assistance you can get, there may come a time when you are looking to invest in packaging machines.
With our in-depth understanding of the requirements of small businesses in a wide range of key industries – including healthcare, toiletries, cosmetics, perfumes and pharmaceuticals – it’s understandable why you may turn to KBW Packaging for such crucial equipment.
But what categories and type of packaging machine may be best matched to your needs?

Liquid filling machines

The range of applications for both semi-automatic and automatic liquid filling machines like our own is seemingly as broad as the range of small firms that might seek out this specialised machinery. Lotions, bath oils, perfumes, conditioners, shampoos, hand sanitizers, detergents, paints, solvents, yoghurt, milk and sauces are just some examples.

If, for instance, your small firm is on the lookout for a suitable vacuum filling machine for small-scale production runs of wine or spirits, our AF0005 model may make considerable sense. It is small, portable and enables the user to choose between multiple nozzle sizes to suit different sizes of container. 

Tablet counting machines

A small business in a relevant sector such as the cosmetic, nutritional, healthcare or confectionery industry, and which seeks a tablet counting machine for small to medium-scale production requirements, is likely to be well-served by the semi-automatic options in our present range. 

Our ‘entry-level’ tablet counting machine at the time of typing is the AC 1000, which is mainly used by hospital pharmacies and firms with small production runs, and has a maximum output of 1,000 tablets per minute.

Bottle capping machines

Again, there are many specialised needs that bottle capping machines from KBW Packaging can serve, including for the likes of screw, press, trigger and ROPP caps. 

KBW Packaging bottle capping equipment is designed and built in our UK factory in Aldershot, Hampshire. Options of potential relevance to small business in this category include, among others, the AK 0001 conveyor mounted press capper machine and the AK 0002 semi-automatic capping machine

Labelling machines

A similarly broad range of requirements can be catered for by our labelling machines, which are flexible enough to handle various wrap around and panel label types.

The bench-top semi-automatic models here are a good match for smaller production requirements and packaging operations. One such machine is the GER 50 wrap around bottle labelling machine, which has a lightweight and portable design and allows for the easy control of label length and position; its dispensing speed is eight metres per minute. 

However, an automatic labelling machine, such as the Sequence, may also be suitable for small volumes, as well as for medium and higher volumes as your business expands. 

Whatever questions you may have about the packaging machinery that is likeliest to further your small business’s objectives, you are always welcome to enquire to the KBW Packaging team, so that we can give you specific guidance. 

We take pride in catering to the complete range of packaging machinery requirements of the leading and most innovative companies across the sectors in the 2020s.