How automation can benefit your liquid filling business

Automated Liquid Filling Machines and how your business can grow.

Technology has, and will continue to, change the nature of manufacturing processes for all industry sectors. Automation has become the competitive advantage, allowing for businesses to increase production rates with greater control over consistency, accuracy and repetitiveness.

Used correctly, automated systems can become a significant factor in whether your business will remain competitive or not.

Benefits of a semi-automatic or fully automatic liquid filling machine 

– Higher production rates firstly is a result in increased productivity levels and ultimately lead to a faster return on investment.
– Increased efficiency secondly will give more reliable timings and costs meaning you can plan better.
– Increased accuracy therfore will result in less variability and greater control and consistency of product produced.
– Reduction of lead times is another that most impotantlywill give quicker deliveries and because of this ultimately lead to a quicker payment.
– Less manual labour finally will reduce or relieve any repetitive strain movements allowing better health and safety practices.

Technology being used in semi-automatic or fully automated liquid filling machines

Examples of technology being utilised in Automated liquid filling machines are the use of servo contolled pumps and touchscreen operation, making these machines very versatile and easy to use. Each nozzle has a dedicated servo-controlled pump that allows dispensing of a wide range of liquid product viscosities.

Touchscreen operation offers ease of use and the versatility to utilise several pre-set recipes, as well as the flexibility for product dose and flow rate to be
adjusted in operation.

How does a semi-automatic machine with touchscreen servo gear pump work?

The machine will be operated using an HMI Colour Touchscreen that allows easy menu navigation. The liquid product dose and flow rate can be adjusted in operation. Single dose fill and multi dose fill options can be selected. Up to 20 recipes can be stored for easy recall and repeatability.
When filling begins, liquid is moved under pump pressure through a non-return valve to be dispensed from the filling nozzle or nozzles. Depending on whether it is a single head or twin head machine.

Filling is to a pre-determined count value. When the correct value of pulses is reached the pump head control stops and the filling cycle is complete. The operator then manually changes the containers over and initiates the next filling cycle. Using either an optional footswitch or by pressing the dose button on the touchscreen in single fill or via he pre-set time delay in multi fill mode.

How does a automatic liquid filling machine work with touchscreen and servo gear pumps work?

Most Automated Liquid Filling Machines will operate using an TFT Colour Touchscreen that allows easy menu navigation. Multi-speed and profile filling cycles can be programmed.
Up to 200 recipes can be stored for easy recall and repeatability. The filling cycle commences as soon as the containers have correctly entered the filling area and the neck locator then extends to locate the containers.

The nozzle bar lowers the dispensing nozzles into the pre-positioned containers. This bar can contain four, six, eight, ten, or twelve heads depending on the filling rate required. The nozzle valves open allowing liquid to be dispensed under pump pressure. Once the correct number of pulses given by each pump drive is reached, each pump head stops and all dispensing valves close. When the filling cycle is complete, the container changeover occurs allowing the cycle to be repeated.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Automated Liquid Filling Machines for creams

Bottle line for Automated Liquid Filling Machines

Automated Liquid Filling Machines at KBW Packaging

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