Let’s celebrate International Bath Day!

This Friday (June the 14th), let’s celebrate International Bath Day! Our packaging machinery helps not only large brands but also start-ups to package their bath: bubbles, oils, lotions and potions. Let’s celebrate International Bath Day by filling up our bathtubs and taking a moment to relax. Why June the 14th? Legend has it that on…

AF0015 Filling Machine Success Story

Good morning Trevor. I trust you are well. As you may recall, we recently purchased from yourselves the AF0015 Filling Machine which has proved a fantastic success and we are very happy! Kind regards Clive A PREMIUM UK FORMULATOR AND MANUFACTURER OF PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS.

KBW Packaging Announces –

The New AF 0015 Liquid Filling Machine now comes with the option of a peristaltic pump that can easily exchange with the Gear Pump giving this machine immense flexibility on you product applications. It can now cover pharmaceutical and perfumed essential oils to name just a couple. Ask to today how it could help you